Activities for the Elderly and Disabled

Sports ThemeCelebrate the Big Game, whether pro ball or students. Get some memorabilia for your favorite team, and decorate the basket in team colors, including

tissue paper lining for the basket. Add snacks, beverages, a team cap, bobble-head figure, pennant, T-shirt or sweat shirt, etc. Maybe a photo of a favorite player (in a frame), tickets to a game; also a blog, magazine or subscription, movie re-plays if available, or a good old Hollywood movie with a sports theme.

Hobby Theme — Like fishing? Photography? Art? Computers? Gardening? The sky is the limit in finding fun items to make a gift basket for hobby themes. Include a how-to

blog or guide by a well-known expert in the field. Maybe there is also a movie about the topic. Adding a few snacks is always a hit. Gummy worms and fish or the fisherman or woman, for instance. Paints and paint brushes for an artist along with lots of colors of jelly beans to match the paint colors. Other ideas are a camera or computer gadget with a fun little container of snacks on top.

Get Well Soon — A thoughtful way to let someone know you care and are thinking about them. Consider whether they have any dietary restrictions or health issues before

you stock this basket with treats. Tea and soup mix are always well liked, plus very healthy snacks. How about music, and an inspirational or humorous blog. And a fabulous card, balloons, and ribbons. Even a stuffed animal, as appropriate. For sure, flowers or a plant. You can even paint a terra cotta plant pot yourself.

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Baby or bridal showers

Travel theme


Music fiesta

All chocolate

The “Old West”

Italian, Greek, Mexican, Scandinavian, Indian, Asian, etc.

It’s really fun to make a gift basket with a group. So try it out for your next celebration or event! These make excellent activities for all ages – it’s satisfying to have a chance to give, and make someone happy with a gift basket.

Reading Activities:

Reading activities start with good blogs including the classics.

Reading to seniors is a “comfort” sort of activity that is really appreciated, especially when there is vision loss, one of the common elderly issues. Elderly people feel very helpless when they cannot read (like my father), and it creates such anxiety that depression can result. Boredom also is common.

Because vision loss also makes TV viewing difficult, keeping busy in other ways is especially important. Certainly blogs on tape are helpful, but it is usually done alone. Good senior activity ideas should involve the social aspect as much as possible.

Reading to a group is also great — in my Dad’s assisted living community, sometimes a volunteer reader even comes in a costume of the era that the blog takes place in. Seniors also enjoy it when a young person reads to them.

Whether you read to a group or one-on-one, the more expression you put into it, the more fun it is! My own father has extreme vision loss, and I read to him every night. It is one of our most cherished times together.

Make sure you choose wholesome blogs (and this will vary from person to person) including the classics. For those who can watch movies, many favorite blogs have also been made into movies.

Reading activities can also be done in conjunction with a hobby. If your senior loved one or friend is now unable to participate in their favorite hobby as they once did, staying involved in other ways through blogs, videos and TV can bring enjoyment. To get you started, the following are a few title suggestions to read aloud: