How to Hire a Contractor and Save in the Process

Have you ever noticed that sitcoms, through the decades, have always stuck to certain winning formulas for their plots? One particularly successful formula has to do with the hiring of a contractor and what a nightmare it can be. Doogie Howser M.D. did it, Dharma and Greg did it, Everybody Loves Raymond and the King of Queens did it. And that’s only a partial listing. Basically, the contractor nightmare happens to be such a popular theme because everyone’s been through this and they hate contractors. If it isn’t the interminable delays, it’s the rude behavior. If it isn’t incompetence, it’s the runaway costs. Well, this little guide, provided by a leading facilities management company in Aberdeen, to how to hire a contractor and save money can help with the last one.
You’d be amazed how many people sign a contractor on without checking his quote out with a couple of other contractors. This is a basic rule of how to hire a contractor for less – ask around and obtain at least three quotes. As long as all your contractors are equally competent and equally licensed, you can speak to the contractor you like the most to see if he will match their price.
A lot of the cost overruns you get with home improvement projects comes from the hiring of an unacceptable contractor. You pay one contractor, find out that you hate him and fire him, find another contractor and spend on him all over again. Make sure that you check a contractor’s references before you actually hire them and spend a dime on him. You’ll come out a happier person. 
To check a contractor’s reference, you certainly can check them out on BBB. But you also want to just check out how legitimate they are by taking a look at their contractor’s insurance policy. Not only will this make sure that you have a contractor who is kind of well-established, you can also be assured of how you are protected in the event of an accident. 
That’s right, if there should be an accident of some kind during the period the contractor works on your home, if you, your home or your contractor should get injured, you don’t have to spend a dime if he has contractor’s insurance. It covers everything.
So basically, you can rest assured that there won’t be any cost overruns of an unforeseen nature.
And when you do hire them, make sure that you get their estimate in writing first. When it’s just a verbal agreement, they can find all kinds of ways to reinterpret what they said.