Pheromones changed my life

Pheromones changed my life. I have now reached the point where no amount of reading, mental exercise or study would help my game in anyway. It’s all about going out – refining and pursuing pheromone attraction. I know what to do, “I can see the power of pheromones”, I can do it…I just need to do it. Had my first g/f…lame perhaps at 21, but it was a mile stone, and I was proud of myself. I’d achieved some great things at a young age, but this was my Mount Everest. What I could really use is some time and someone to watch over me and push me week in week out until I break through. But really, I know, that I am an expert in the kind of girl I’m after…she is hard to get, doesn’t hook up often…and will be a challenge. But she is relationship material. And that’s where I’m at….after I’ve lost the human pheromone status 😉 I find it better to have a good pheromone attraction base, and pivot off and open sets than to go out with the “pickup club” who are approaching every set left right and center. Learn more at and

Having said that, a good wingman would eliminate some of the problems I have from time to time. But that doesn’t mean, I don’t wing/go out with the “lair guys.” Indeed, some of the guys from UL are some of the greatest friends I’ve ever made with real pheromones. It’s not for me to shag a classless chav would asks “what do I have to do to sleep with you tonight” (happened a couple of weeks ago)- its not that I think that this girl is any better or any worse than anyone else – she’s just no where near to what I’m after. Life has been hard. It’s been great, but a very hard year emotionally. I have a thicker skin, greater knowledge and greater understanding than god himself. Now I just need to utilise that that to getting where I want to be. This year started with so much promise, opportunity, excitement and fun…the results at first presented themselves and I threw them away. I spent a long time studying NLP/Hypnosis/CBT/Psychology and it was worth spending that time. When you know that something is “broke” you have to fix it – otherwise you’re driving “broken.” Bad analogy, but I don’t regret the time spent with natural pheromones. I had to deal with many deep psychological problems regarding relationships, sex, women and people in general that I had tucked away in a dark draw. I got into a bit of a rut later on in the year, didn’t pursue things as much as I should have done, wasn’t as persistent with human pheromone perfume as I should have been. Dr. Winfred Cutler’s vid is absurdly void of technical info, keins vid gives a minimum of technical info & then does tons of inductions without any explanation of how they work, how is that my fault? Learn more at