Pheromones help boost attraction

Pheromones help boost attraction. I met your twin last night. How’s rehab? YOU: If you’re waiting three days to play it cool, then you’ve failed at life. YOU: If I was a guy, I think I could kick your ass. YOU: It’s hard to find a man who knows about shoes, so I tend to settle. YOU: Hey [nickname]. YOU: After last night I feel like there’s a Frenchman living in my head. YOU: Do you speak text? YOU: Bad news, I’m pregnant and you’re the father . . . Joke! YOU: FYI, since I met you last night I’ve gained 100 lbs. Don’t drink and eat. You can also use any Pherazone pheromones from the live interaction or anything else you have said over the phone or by text previously. You can continue threads from previous days as long as they start with super-High Emotional Value. It’s critical that your Restarters are high impact every day; otherwise, you will start to lose the interaction. The biggest complaint I get from women is that guys who were interesting and funny in person end up being boring texters. Learn more at and

Guys who spray pheromone cologne aren’t great texters, that’s true. It’s all Comfort talk—how was your day, what did you do—argh, we’re back on the Question Train. It’s your job to snap these guys out of that stuff and keep the conversation flirtatious. All the Elements that you use during a personal, face-to-face interaction need to be used during your texting. Attraction, Comfort, Sass, Innuendo, Lifestyle, and Qualification all come back into play. Here’s an example: YOU: “Happy Fourth of July!” HIM: “You too. Pretty mellow over here. Drinks with friends.” YOU: “Aw, you’re getting old ;)” HIM: “Why, you! Refined is a better word.” YOU: “Isn’t that just another word for antique? Nah, that’s cool. You’re a mellow guy. I like that.” HIM: “I like the fact that you’re a redhead, many like- able facts.” Some guys just won’t get your sense of humor of how pheromones work in humans. They are so used to boring conversations, they don’t know how to respond to a woman who uses Game. Consider texting a continuation of your screening process and if he really doesn’t get it, then you have a choice to make. You can switch to his Comfort style of texting and meet him on his level, or you can keep hitting him with your stimulating, emotionally High Value texts, and if he can’t keep up, he’ll disappear quick enough, letting you know before you’ve invested any more time that he’s not the guy for you. Here’s a real example from one of my clients: HER: “I met your twin at work.” HIM: “Who’s my twin?” HER: “He was a fat version of you, except he was nice.” HIM: “Wait, who was it?” My client goes Dead Air to let him know he’s not getting the joke. Then he Restarts the text thread with: HIM: “How’s work treating you? Are you working hard or hardly working?” YOU: “I’m hardly working because your fat twin is really chatty.” HIM: “Who is this guy?” At this point, my client opted out. This guy had broken the cardinal rule of texting: Never Send Anything That Doesn’t Give a Lot of Emotional Value. Learn more at