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An attitude of curiosity If your woman shares what she likes, or asks you to touch her in a certain way, stay curious and use X4 Labs extender. If you go into your head about this or feel hurt, she will feel uncomfortable and stop sharing what turns her on. The best attitude a man can take is one of curiosity. Explore, listen and learn the woman’s body like you are discovering a new land and she will open up her riches to you. Communication in the bedroom is essential for healthy sex and relationships and we need to reclaim the spirit of exploration and innocence in this arena. It is also the “reptilian” or primal part of the brain. Learn more at and

The deep sigh means the limbic system feels safe and the primal instincts are engaged. This will heighten her pleasure and responsiveness to herself and you. Once a woman is open to you, and entrained with you, intimacy will be more pleasurable and connected for both because the limbic system is engaged. I share many secrets about the limbic system and how it plays a role in female ecstasy in my online course, The Art of Love for Men click here to see more. Twenty minutes of kissing, touching and loving the woman along with gentle caresses of the labia and very light (without penetrating) attention to the vaginal opening and clitoris, will help to warm the yoni. Suckling on her breasts will do wonders for her readiness, pleasure and excitement as the breasts have a direct energetic connection to the yoni. If you do not have time for 20 minutes of foreplay, if she initiates earlier or for some other reason you desire to enter the yoni before it is open and moist, then add some coconut oil first so you do not aggravate the delicate skin of the labia and vaginal canal. It deeply relaxes her, and connects you to her and her with her yoni. This will allow her to feel her yoni more, which makes for more responsiveness and pleasure. Yoni Cupping is very simple. It is best to cup the yoni before you start to stimulate her in any way. To cup the yoni: Simply lie next to her and cup your hand over her entire yoni, covering the labia majora and the opening to the vagina with the palm of your hand. Keep your hand there for 3-5 minutes without any agenda. Remain present. Do not overthink, check out, or try to do anything. Just be aware and present. You can sync your breathing with hers and simply sit or lie next to her. After a few minutes you may hear her take a deep sigh. This is a sign that she has dropped into her body, has become more present with her yoni, and is feeling safe with you. The Limbic System The limbic system of the brain is the part concerned with fight or flight, emotions, smell, sex, spirit and more. Yes, I’m going to break it down: Wash your hands with warm, soapy water for at least 40 seconds. They teach kindergartners to sing the birthday song. Learn more at