The light feminine pheromone

The light feminine pheromone shows up best in floaty floral dresses and cardigans. If it is cold where you are, wear a floral dress that is conservative (cover the breast area, and make sure the hem is not too short) and team the dress with tights –avoid fishnet stockings for a light feminine look. Learn more at and can be light feminine, depending how you wear them. It’s all context-driven. Maxi dresses work incredibly well for a light feminine look. Make sure you have a decent variety of floral printed dresses, feminine shorts and cardigans in your wardrobe. Bold and loud prints that stand out are heading more in to the territory of dark feminine. Lacey tops and dresses work well as long as they are conservative. Black can also look light feminine depending on the style of the clothing and how conservative it is. Purchase cute flats with bows on them as well as smaller heels and sandals, both plain and with a bow embellishment on them. Dainty footwear is perfect. Make sure that your jewelry is never overdone. Simple jewelry and accessories is perfect. One simple necklace, and a simple bracelet, if you like to wear them. Hint: go to a crafts store and buy a small array of pretty ribbons to tie in your hair when you tie it in a ponytail. If you think this is too young looking for you, it’s most likely just that you’re not entirely comfortable with the girly look. Using Natural Pheromone power The dark feminine pheromone simply knows how to handle a man (something most women don’t know how to do), and knows what works for her and her man – she’s not so misguided by her lack of self-worth and lack of self-confidence that she dresses and acts trashy. Here are the staples of dark feminine clothing: – High heeled and tall boots – Figure-hugging jeans that accentuate the behind – Jersey-dresses and hooded dresses – Tight-fitting dresses in the summer, and turtle-necks and warm but tight-fitted dresses in the winter to wear with tights and high-heeled boots. – The aforementioned items of clothing in black, red, white or bold prints. If you aren’t so keen on wearing dresses all the time, there are several other ways that you can achieve the dark feminine look. Remember that the dark feminine breaks rules, so wearing t-shirts with statement prints on them is also a good way to look dark feminine. Hooded jumpers are a great item to have, and even some biker-style boots can look cute and quirky with a dress and tights or teamed with jeans. Leggings (classy, well made leggings that can be worn on their own) and figure-hugging pants are a good idea to increase pheromone attraction. She may lead a man one way then turn around and take him the opposite way. She may throw him a compliment and then joke about his misfortunes. She pushes and pulls to create tension and create attraction. Here are some expressions of the dark feminine: – The ‘come hither’ look: behind this look is the belief that she can handle a man. She might gesture with her index finger for him to ‘come over’. Learn more at